PLC Control Hinge Cycle Tester(US Voltage)

PLC Control Hinge Cycle Tester(US Voltage) with Speed 0-120 times / minute

Product Introduction of the Hinge Cycle Tester

Test standards: GB13511-1999, GB / T14214-1998, QB2659-2004, QB2457-1999, industry standards, etc.

Test purpose: To determine the spring hinge of the frame has a certain durability, can withstand a certain number of opening and closing activities and maintain the original state, the purpose is to detect the change of the spring force of the spring hinge.

Product Technical parameters of the Hinge Cycle Tester

(1) Control method: PLC

(2) Test station:2 station

(3) Count setting: 0-999, 999, 999, 99. Touch screen setting

(4) Angle setting:

Front and rear angle of each group can be set

Front angle -180--180 degrees

Back angle -180 ---- 180 degrees

(5) Speed can be set: 0-120 times / minute

(6) Swing pause time; 0-10 seconds

(7) Dimensions: 45 × 47 × 56 CM (length × width × height)

(8) Weight: 32 Kg

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