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Single Burning Item Flammability Testing Equipment

Short Description:

The Single Burning Item (SBI), is a method of test for determining the reaction to fire behavior of building products (excluding floorings) when exposed to the thermal attack by a single burning item (a sand-box burner supplied with propane).

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 unit
  • Price: Negotiable
  • Package : Plywood Case
  • Model: SL-FL080
  • Standard: EN13823,EN 13501
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    Single Burning Item Flammability Testing Equipment with Stainless Steel Gas Collecting Hood

    Completed Installed SBI
    Completed Installed SBI
    J type exhaust pipe
    J type exhaust pipe

    Product parameters of the Single Burning Item

     Measuring range  0-25%
     Signal output  4-20mA
     Response time T90  ≤2S;
     Ambient temperature  0-45 ℃;
     Relative humidity  <90% (non-condensing)
     Linearity  <± 0.1% O2
     Zero drift  0.05% O2 per week
     Repeatability  <± 0.02% O2
     Carbon dioxide(CO2) measurement  
     Measuring range  0-10%
     Repeatability  <± 1% internal structure of the control cabinet;
     Zero drift  ≤2% / week
     Span drift  ≤2% / week
     Linearity deviation  <± 1%
     Response time  T90≤2 seconds

    Product introduction of the Single Burning Item

    The Single Burning Item (SBI), is a method of test for determining the reaction to fire behavior of building products (excluding floorings) when exposed to the thermal attack by a single burning item (a sand-box burner supplied with propane). The specimen is mounted on a trolley that is positioned in a frame beneath an exhaust system. The reaction of the specimen to the burner is monitored instrumentally and visually. Heat and smoke release rates are measured instrumentally and physical characteristics are assessed by observation.

    Product Feature and Application of the Single Burning Item

    1.The Single Burning Item (SBI) consists of a trolley, a fixed frame, a gas collecting hood, collector, J type exhaust pipe, centrifugal fan, wind speed control device, the comprehensive measurement section, gas analysis cabinet, data acquisition system;
    2.The trolley can be installed with two vertical sample specimens. The bottom of the vertical angle is a sand box burner. The surface ignition method is adopted, and the flame detection system is equipped as a flameout protection device;
    3.The fixed frame support the gas collecting hood. The frame is fixed with an auxiliary burner and equipped with a flame detecting system as a flameout protection device;
    4.Stainless steel gas collector, located at the top of the fixed frame, used to collect combustion gases;
    5.Stainless steel J type smoke exhaust pipe, the inner diameter is (315 + 5) mm  with 50mm high temperature resistant mineral cotton insulation;
    6.The smoke exhaust system shall continuously exhaust smoke at the speed of 0.50m3/s-0.65 m3/s, and be regulated by frequency conversion;
    7.Mass flow controller, measuring range of 0g/s-2.5g/s, reading accuracy of not less than 1.5%;
    8.Gas supply can be automatically controlled to flow rate of 647mg/s and 2000mg/s, the gas control system can guarantee the speed of gas supply in the process of test changes should not exceed 5mg/s, to ensure the heat output of 30.7 + 2kW;
    9.The flue gas sampling system consists of an ash filter, a cold trap, two drying columns, a sampling pump and a peristaltic pump, so as to effectively make sample gas clean and dry;
    10.Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer, measuring range of 0-25%, measuring oxygen concentration in the gas, the concentration range of 0-25%, T90<12 seconds; Non dispersive infrared CO2 analyzer: CO2:0 ~ 10%;
    11.A pipeline with a length of 2155mm, equipped with a pressure probe, three thermocouples, a gas sampling probe, and a white light system;
    12.Two-way probe, with the range of at least (0-100) Pa and accuracy of 2Pa inlet pressure sensor connected. The response time of the pressure sensor 90% output is at most 1s;
    13.The light system is incandescent type, with (2900 + 100) K color temperature,and the flexible joint is installed on the side of the exhaust pipe;
    14.Silicon photodiode detector, with 0.1% linear stability;
    15.The air is introduced into the side tube to maintain the cleanliness of the optical device, which can be accomplished by compressed air;
    Application:It is suitable for the testing the fire resistance of building materials / products in single burning item (SBI).

    Product Details of the the Single Burning Item
    Stainless steel centrifugal fan, can withstand temperature of 300 degrees, meets the requirements of step calibration high temperature;
    Diaphragm pump, flow rate: 400l / h, high temperature and corrosion resistance, used for sample gas collection;
    The soot filter filter head is composed of solid PTFE with 0.5 um filter material inside;
    Compressor condenser, cooling capacity 320KJ / h, dew point stability of 0.1 degrees, dew point static change of 0.1K, protection grade IP20;
    Imported rotameter with a range of 0-5L/min to adjust the inlet flow of the analyzer;
    Non-dispersive infrared CO2 analyzer: CO2: 0~10%;
    A comprehensive measuring section with a length of 2155mm, equipped with a pressure probe, three thermocouples, a gas sampling probe and a white light system;
    a gas sampling probe connected to the gas regulating device and the O2, CO2 inlet gas analyzer;
    The light attenuation system is an incandescent light type, and is mounted on the side pipe of the exhaust pipe by a flexible joint;
    A lens system for collecting light into a parallel beam of at least 20 mm in diameter. The light-emitting hole of the phototube should be located at the focus of the lens in front of it, and its diameter (d) should be determined according to the focal length (f) of the lens such that d/f is less than 0.04;
    Detector and silicon photodiode probe, the photoelectric detection chamber has 0.1% linear stability, 10-bit measurement range, and the spectral distribution responsivity of the silicon photodiode is consistent with CIE (lighting curve), and the standard function V(γ) can reach at least ±5% accuracy;
    The 90% response time of the optical attenuation system should not exceed 3s;
    Introducing air into the side tube to maintain the optical device in compliance with the required attenuation of light attenuation drift, which can be accomplished using compressed air;

    Software Feature

    Provide the following calibration and operation interface:
    O2/CO2 analyzer calibration: O2/CO2 output noise and drift calibration
    Calibration of optical systems: noise and drift calibration of smoke measurement systems
    Optical system calibration: filter calibration
    Air volume calibration: air volume control range calibration
    Ladder calibration and heptane calibration

    Heat output ladder calibration meet the following requirements:
    The delay time of the O2/CO2 analyzer is not more than 30s;
    The response time of the O2/CO2 analyzer is not more than 12s;
    The response time of the burner switch is not more than 12s;
    The temperature response time shall not exceed 6s;
    The ratio Q gas 30s (T) /HRR30s (T), (T) should be continuous (100 + 5)%;
    The difference between the average of HRR step 2 and the average of HRR step 3 is not more than 0.5kW.

    Heptane calibration results:
    The calorific value of unit mass heptane should be THR/m (4456 + 222.8) MJ/kg;

    Testing results: 
    Average rate of heat release[RHRav(t)]
    Total Heat Release[THR(t)]
    1000 * [RHRav(t)/(t-300)]
    Fire Growth Rate Index[FIGRA]
    Total Heat Release[THR600s]
    Occurrence of Lateral Flame Spread
    Total Smoke Production[TSP(t)]
    10000 * [RSPav(t)/(t-300)]
    Smoke Growth Rate Index[SMOGRA]
    Total Smoke Production[TSP600s]
    Standard:EN 13501,EN 13823
    Dimension: 3000 mm (W) x 4500 mm (H) x 3000 mm
    Weight: 650kg

    Installation requirements:
    Installation height: no less than 5 meters
    Floor area: no less than 3m X 3m
    Power requirements: 220V, 10A; 380V, 5KW
    Ambient temperature: 10 ° C to 35 ° C
    Gas requirements: propane gas
    Calibration gas: N2, CO2 standard gas
    Calibration standard: heptane

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