Oxygen Index Tester

Oxygen Index Tester (Electrochemistry) with Using Modern Oxygen Sensor Technology

Product introduction of the Oxygen Index Tester

(Oxygen Index tester) measures minimum oxygen concentration as necessary when specimen combustion. This equipments the oxygen sensor is adapted Electrochemistry Type which has a precise and less error rate. But it has short life and will be replaced once ten months. This meets the contents of standards like ASTM, ISO, NES and so on.​

Product parameters of the Oxygen Index Tester

 Internal diameter of the combustor  100mm
 Height of the combustor  450mm
 Pipe hole diameter of the long pole igniter trailing end diameter  2±1mm
 Flowmeter  160~1600L/Hadjustable
 Precision of the pressuregauge  level 2.5
 Resolution of the pressure gauge  0.01Mpa
 Resolution of the Oxygen concentrate indicator  0.1%
 Oxygen sensor  imported from Germany with high precision
 Gas source  the GB3863 specified oxygen, the GB3864 specified nitrogen
 Experiment environmenttemperature, humidity 10~35℃,45-75%
 Input pressure  0.2-0.3Mpa
 Working pressure  0.05-0.15Mpa
 Sample type  self-supporting materials and non-self- supporting materials
 Overall dimensions  700mm(W)×400mm(D)×600mm(H)
 Power supply  AC220V, 50/60Hz 1A
 Air source source  oxygen, nitrogen( prepared by users)

Product Feature and Application of the Oxygen Index Tester

1.Electrochemistry Oxygen Cell for assessing accurate oxygen (< 0.1%) levels.
2.Display of nitrogen and oxygen gas flow by flow meters.
3.Digital display of oxygen percentage in atmosphere during test (no calculations needed).
4.High temperature resistant quartz glass tube, can withstand a higher test temperature.
5.Gas ignition device, easily adjust the length of the flame.
6.Sample holders for both rigid and flexible samples supplied.
7.More quicker response time.
8.Repeatability (typical): ± 0.1% Oxygen
9.Linearity (typical): ± 0.1% Oxygen

Application:Under the specified test conditions, such as indoor temperature conditions, in the oxygen-nitrogen mixed gas stream, just measure the minimum oxygen concentration required to maintain the sample combustion, the result is defined as the oxygen index

 Product Details of the Oxygen Index Tester

According to the different ambient temperature during combustion, it can be divided into room temperature oxygen index method and high temperature oxygen index method. It is generally believed that the higher the oxygen index, the better the flame retardant performance of the material, and the lower the oxygen index, the easier the material is. ignite.

1. Using modern oxygen sensor technology, the percentage of oxygen can be automatically obtained;
2. Digital display of oxygen percentage concentration, reading accuracy of 0.1%;
3. Using a precision metering gas flow valve to adjust the gas flow, can accurately adjust the flow of oxygen and nitrogen;
4. Oxygen percentage step adjustment, adjustment accuracy can be 0-0.2L / Min;
5. Equipped with nitrogen and air pressure reducing valve, the output pressure can be adjusted to 0.1mpa;
6. External electrochemical sensor, easy for users to replace;
7. High temperature quartz glass cylinder, can withstand higher test temperatures;
8. Equipped with a gas igniter device, can easily adjust the length of the flame and has the function of cutting off the combustion gas;
9. Modern design appearance, with a more exquisite design than similar products;
10. Provide relatively simple instrument installation manual files and operation files for users to use.


ISO:ISO 4589-2
Dimension:370 mm (W) x 300 mm (D) x 480 mm (H)

Installation requirements

Power requirements: 220V, 10A
Ambient temperature: 10 ° C to 35 ° C
Installation space: fume hood placement
Gas requirements: nitrogen, oxygen

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