Oxygen Index Tester (Paramagnetic)

ASTM, ISO 4589-2 High Reliability Oxygen Index Tester (Paramagnetic)

Product introduction of Oxygen Index Tester (Paramagnetic) Oxygen Index Tester measures minimum oxygen concentration as necessary when specimen combustion. This equipments the oxygensensor is adapted Paramagnetic Type which has a precise, long life, less error rate and high reliability. This meets the contents of standards like ASTM, ISO 4589-2, NES  and so on.​ Product Parameters of Oxygen Index Tester (Paramagnetic)
 Size  420 mm (W) x 350 mm (D) x 560 mm (H)
 Weight  9KG
 Electrical  115 Volts AC 60Hz / 230 Volts AC 50Hz.
 Ambient Temperature  Operating 10°C to 35°C.
 Gas Supplies  Oxygen,Nitrogen and Propane
 Standards  ASTM D2863,ISO 4589-2,NES 714
 Applications  Buliding Materials,Wire & Cable,Upholstered Furniture,Other
Product Feature of Oxygen Index Tester (Paramagnetic) Paramagnetic Oxygen Cell for assessing accurate oxygen (< 0.1%) levels. Digital display of nitrogen gas flow, total flow ofoxygen and nitrogen. Digital display of oxygen percentage in atmosphere during test (no calculations needed). High temperature resistant quartz glass tube, can withstand a higher test temperature. Gas ignition device, easily adjust the length of the flame. Sample holders for both rigid and flexible samples supplied. Shortened gas path for rapid response. Paramagnetic Oxygen Sensor: Range:0 to 100% Oxygen Repeatability (typical): ±0.1% Oxygen Linearity (typical): ±0.1% Oxygen Company Information