Overall Seat Burning Test Device

CFR 1633 Overall Seat Burning Test Device for Judging Smoke Density Performance

Product introduction of the Overall Seat Burning Test Device

The overall seat burn test unit can be used for the performance test of rail transit seats and upholstered furniture and components by igniting the seat, mattress or its components through a standard burner or paper pad. The hood collects the flue gas generated by the combustion, and then evaluates the flame retardant performance indexes such as smoke density performance, peak heat release rate, heat release amount, and flame spread.

Product parameters of the Overall Seat Burning Test Device

1. The complete set of equipment shall include at least the GB/T 25207-2010, GB/T 27904-2011, ISO 9705-1993, 16 CFR 1633, EN 45545-2 overall seat burning and DIN 5510-2 overall seat burning regulations. Test equipment, including combustion chambers, flue gas collection and sample gas collection systems, gas analysis and data processing systems, and gas supply systems;
2. The conical flue gas collector is installed directly above the weighing platform and the sample. The bottom size is 3000mm X 3000mm, the height is 1000mm, and the top of the conical flue gas collector is 900mm X 900mm X 900mm square, and two pieces will be A 500mm X 900mm steel plate is installed in the square at the top to form a flue gas homomixer;
3. The shortest length of the stainless steel exhaust pipe is not less than 5000mm, the diameter is 400mm, and the flue gas mixing device is installed at both ends;
4. The exhaust system has sufficient capacity to collect all the flue gas generated by the combustion test. The exhaust volume of the fan is continuously adjustable, and the exhaust rate is not less than 3.5m/s;
5. The exhaust fan is a centrifugal fan, the inner tank is made of stainless steel, the temperature is not lower than 300 degrees, and the inverter fan is used to adjust the rotation speed;
6. The integrated measurement area is equipped with pressure probes, three thermocouples, gas sampling probes and smoke density measurement systems;
7. The sandbox burner is filled with gravel of 4mm-8mm particle size and sand of 2mm-3mm particle size, and the top layer of the upper sand layer is flush with the upper edge of the burner;
8. The ignition of the sandbox burner adopts the surface ignition method, and does not use the ignition method with low ignition success rate such as spark ignition.
9.Equipped with UV flame monitoring and flameout protection to ensure the safety of the system;

Product Feature and Application of the Overall Seat Burning Test Device

1. Mass flow controller, the range is 0g/s-7g/s, the reading accuracy is not less than 1.5%, and the maximum output power is 300KW;
2. The flue gas sampling system consists of a soot filter, a compressor condenser, a drying column, a sampling pump and a flow meter, which should ensure that the flue gas sample is effectively collected and the exhaust gas is absorbed;
3. Imported diaphragm pump, the sampling flow rate is not less than 13L/min;
4. The imported soot filter filter head is composed of solid PTFE, and the inside is 0.5um glass fiber filter material;
5. Compressor condenser, cooling capacity 320KJ/h, dew point stability 0.1 degree, dew point static change 0.1K, cooling flow rate not less than 6L/MIN;
6. Imported rotameter, the range is 0-5L / min;
7. The integrated measuring device consists of three imported OMEGA thermocouples, the contacts of which should be located on an arc of a radius of (87 ± 5) mm from the axis, with an angle of 120 °;
8. Two-way probe, connected to an inlet pressure sensor with a range of at least (0-200) Pa and an accuracy of ±2 Pa. The response time of the 90% output of the pressure sensor is up to 1 s;
9. The oxygen analyzer should be of paramagnetic type and can measure at least 02%-21% (V/V) 02. The response time of the oxygen analyzer should not exceed 12s, within 30min, the drift of the analyzer and The noise does not exceed 100 × 10-6. The output of the analyzer to the data acquisition system should have a maximum resolution of 100 × 10-6;
10. The carbon dioxide analyzer should be of the IR type and at least measure CO2 at a concentration of 0%-10%. The linearity of the analyzer should be at least 1% of full scale. The response time of the analyzer should not exceed 12s;
11. The smoke density measuring system is installed on the side pipe of the exhaust pipe by a flexible joint, and the incandescent lamp is used at a color temperature of (2900±100)K;
12. optical measuring components, measuring range of 400-750nm visible light range, transmittance accuracy of 0.01%;
13. The 100% and 0% calibration methods of optical measuring components are: zero calibration is used to turn off the incandescent light source, and the software clicks 0% to complete; 100% calibration is in the unobstructed state of the optical path, click 100% to complete, no neutral filter is used. Performing a fitting of the optical path data;
14. The device for measuring ambient atmospheric pressure has an accuracy of ±200 Pa;
15. Data acquisition and analysis system to ensure accurate and reliable data collection, and ensure that the required data is automatically recorded every 3s; software data is calculated correctly, the results are valid. And can provide the following calibration and operation interface;
16. O2/CO2 analyzer calibration: noise and drift calibration of O2/CO2 output; and result output form;
17. The software includes optical system calibration, noise and drift calibration and result output form of the flue gas measurement system;
18. The software includes optical system calibration, filter calibration and result output form;
19. The software includes air volume calibration, air volume control range calibration and result output form;
20. The software includes a ladder calibration and a result output form;
21. The software includes a heptane calibration and result output form;
22. The software includes a test program and a result output form;
23. Equipped with computer and printer system;
24. Equipped with seat burning test frame, burner and gas flow control system;
25. Equipped with mattress burning test frame, burner and gas flow control system;
26. Equipped with rail transit seat test frame, burner and gas flow control system.

Product Details of the Overall Seat Burning Test Device


CFR 1633
DIN 5510-2
ISO 9705:2016
CSN EN 45545-2+A1:2015
GB 8624:2012,GB/T 25207:2010,GB/T 27904:2011

Combustion chamber size: 2.4M (L) X 3.6M (H) X 2.4M (W)
Hood cover size: 3M (W) X 3M (D) X 1M (H)
Weight: 700kg

Installation requirements

Power requirements: 220V, 10A; 380V, 5KW
Ambient temperature: 10 ° C to 35 ° C
Gas requirements: propane gas
Calibration gas: N2, CO2 standard gas

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