ISO 8124 Toy Lids Durability Tester

ISO 8124 Toys Testing Equipment ASTM Toy Lids Durability Tester

Product introduction of the Toy Lids Durability Tester Toy Chest Durability tester applies to test the durability of toys lid switch can be repeated. The instrument with a rotating pendulum driven toys lid movements, simulated toy lid after a certain number of repeated opening and closing movements, the toy lid hinged part of the feature is intact. The instrument complies with ASTM F963 National Safety Technical Code for Toys Manufacturing Product parameters of the Toy Lids Durability Tester
 Test times  0-999, 999 times can be set
 Test precision  0-10 time/min
 Display mode  Displayed by big digital liquid crystal screen
 Control mode  Controlled by Micro-computer automatically
 Action mode  Electromotion or Automatism
 Test pieces  Stop automatically
Product Feature and Application of Toy Lids Durability Tester Subject the lid to 7000 opening-and-closing cycles, where one cycle consists of raising the lid from its fully closed to its fully open position and returning it to fully closed. To prevent undue stress on screws or other fasteners used to attach the lid support mechanism, care should be taken not to force the lid beyond its normal arc of travel. Product Details of the Toy Lids Durability Tester Testing Standards 16 CFR 1500, ASTM F963 4.8, EN-71, ISO 8124  

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