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Cone Calorimeter

ISO5660 Cone Calorimeter Analysis Instrument For Heat Release Product introduction of the Cone Calorimeter Cone Calorimeter measures heat release rate(H.R.R), smoke release, ignition time, oxygen consumption, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide generation and mass loss rate when specimen is exposed to resource of conical heater.

Single Burning Item Flammability Testing Equipment

Single Burning Item Flammability Testing Equipment with Stainless Steel Gas Collecting Hood Product introduction of the Single Burning Item The Single Burning Item (SBI), is a method of test for determining the reaction to fire behavior of building products (excluding floorings) when exposed to the thermal attack by a single burning item (a sand-box burner supplied with propane). The specimen is mounted on a trolley that is positioned in a frame beneath an exhaust system. The reaction of the specimen to the burner is monitored instrumentally and visually. Heat and smoke release rates are measured instrumentally and physical characteristics are assessed by observation.

Bunched Cable Vertical Flame Tester

Bunched Cable Vertical Flame Tester with Stainless Steel Test Box Product introduction of the Bunched Cable Vertical Flame Tester Bunched Cable Vertical Flame Spread Tester is a series conforming to IEC 60332-3-10 (Category A~D) standards. The test measures the expansion of vertical flame to the electronically or optically vertical cable or wire using the standard ignition source while supplying a certain amount of air to a chamber of a defined volume. Additionally, if bunched cable vertical flame spread testers burner is adjusted by 20 degrees angle, it can be measure under IEEE 383(IEEE 1202) standard. Also, if Heat Release Facility is attached, it can measure fire dynamics value as H.R.R (Heat Release Rate), S.P.R (Smoke Production Rate) and so on.​

Building Material Smoke Density Tester

Building Material Smoke Density Tester according to ASTM D2843 Product Profile of Building Material Smoke Density Tester The smoke density tester for building materials is developed by Rohm Haas Company of America for internal control. It was developed in 1970s according to ASTM D2843 standard. Its theoretical basis is Billumber’s law, that is, the smoke produced by burning materials is directly impacted by flame, and the light penetration is shielded after burning materials. The excess rate is then used to determine the smoke density value (SDR). At present, more and more applications have passed the national standard GB 8624, for the smoke density testing of PVC casing, but also for the smoke density performance testing of automotive interior materials.

About us

DONGGUAN SKYLINE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a South China Leader in design, manufacturing and service of a board range of high quality testing solutions for Fire Testing Equipment.
Mission and Vision
Our mission is to offer high quality Fire Testing Equipment and complete testing solutions for Building materials, aviation, rails, IMO, Furniture, and Cables & Wires’ Industries. To provide the best solutions to help our customers reduce the loss due to fire.
Our Vision is to be the most successful Inspired, and passionate designer and manufacturer of testing solutions by always exceeding industry growth and being a worldwide reference in products and services.
SKYLINE started to design and produce testing equipment since 2008. For decades’ development, especially during the co-operation with many 3rd-party labs and foreign high-end manufacturer, they provided us with lots of supervisions and assistance, we accumulated the best testing experience and technical specifications, and this established a sound basis for us to provide perfect service. Social issues essay
We are vendor of SASO, SGS, The Standards Institution of Israel, Intertek, BV,TUV,Hasbro,Mattel. Almost 100% of toys test equipment of above labs are purchased from Skyline. They represent the highest standard in toys testing field. We are honored and proud of supplying equipment to meet their testing demands.

  • Always puts the quality at the first place and strictly supervise the product quality of every process. Quality
  • Our Factory has grown into a Premier ISO9001:2008 Certified manufacturer of High quality, Cost-Effective products Certificate
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