Glow Wire Test Chamber

Electronic Test Equipment IEC60695-5-10 Glow Wire Testing Equipment

Product introduction of the Glow Wire Test Chamber The Glow Wire Tester is designed to carry out fire hazard testing on electro technical products in accordance with the provisions of International standards. • The control unit is supplied with all the controls and metering necessary to accurately set the temperature of the glow wire. The wire current is continuously variable by means of the panel-mounted controller and is monitored by the built-in ammeter. • A digital temperature indicator is fitted which, in conjunction with the thermocouple supplied, accurately measures the glow wire temperature. The electrical circuit of the control unit is fully protected by fuses and a miniature circuit breaker and incorporates mains on/off switching and push button control of the output current. Self contained cabinet with large viewing window and dark colored interior. Product Technical parameters of the Glow Wire Test Chamber
 Glow wire diameter  4mm±0.04mmNi/Cr(80/20)
 Temperature range  500 ~ 750℃±10℃;750 ~ 960℃±15℃
 Thermocouple diameter  0.5mm Type K (Ni/Cr - Ni/Al), armored sheath can withstand temperature-40~ 1100°C
 Searing Time  30s±0.1s (OMRON H5CN-XAN-Z digital timer, 0-9999s, preset table)
 Light-off Time  0-999.9 s ± 0.1 s, automatic recording, manual timeout
 Fire out time  0-999.9 s ± 0.1 s, automatic recording, manual timeout
 Ironing into depth  7mm ± 0.5 mm
 Sample pressure  1N ± 0.2 N
 Test speed  18±3mm/s
 Test background  black background
 Test process automatic control  independent convulsions
 Chamber  ≥0.5m
Control Using single chip microcomputer  + touch screen control
 Power Supply  AC 220V,50Hz
 Glow-wire Glow-wire material: Nickel/Chromium (>77 %Ni/20 ± 1 %Cr) Diameter: 4,0 mm ± 0,07 mm (before bending)
A new glow-wire shall be annealed for a total of at least 10 h by being subjected to a current of at least 120 A before being used for a test run. The total annealing time may be achieved cumulatively. To avoid damage, the thermocouple shall not be installed during annealing. At the end of annealing, the depth of the thermocouple pocket hole shall be verified.
Timer 0-30s ±1s
Force to the test specimen 0,95 N ± 0,10 N
glow-wire into and through the test specimen 7 mm ± 0,5 mm.
Speed 10 mm/s to 25 mm/s
fine-wire thermocouple nominal diameter of 1,0 mm. The thermocouple wires shall be suitable for continuous operation at temperatures up to 960 °C (e.g. chromel/alumel (Type K) – see IEC 60584-1). The welded point shall be located inside the sheath as close to the tip as practicable. The sheath shall consist of a metal resistant to continuous operation at a temperature of at least 1 050 °C.
Temperature range 500-1000C°
Chamber having a volume of at least 0,5 m, dark background, illumination £ 20 lx.
Initial calibration report: Required. And shall include the Temperature vs current chart in the report also
wooden board (x2) flat and smooth and having a minimum thickness of 10 mm
Standards IEC60695 - 2 - 10 / 11 / 12 / 13,IEC60884-1,IEC60335-1,VDE0620

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