Glow-Wire Fire Testing Equipment

IEC60695-2-10~13 Glow-wire Flammability Testing Equipment

Product Technical parameters of the Glow-wire Flammability Tester
 Special of test chamber  0.5 CBN (W1000 * D600 * H1260mm)
 Temperature range  500~1000°C, can be adjust and digital displayer.
 Temperature error  ±10°C (500~750°C) and ±15°C(750~1000°C), the accuracy class of ±0.5.
 Temperature sensor  K-type thermocouple which size is Φ0.5, from oversea.
 Pressure to specimen  0.8N~1.2N, and the depth of press must not less than 7mm
 Timer  0~99min 99s, can be adjust in range
 There are 3 timer for this machine, respectively BURNING TIMER (Ta),   normal setting it of 30s as standards,Duration burning timer (Ti) and flame die timer.
 Time error  ±1s
 Special layer  Smooth wooden board (thickness is 10mm) with a layer wrapping tissue (12g/m2~30gm2) on the board, and the position at a distance of 200± 5mm
 Simple operation, the measuring temperature system is   stabilization and reliable, auto temperature compensation.
 Power supply  220V/AC±10%, 50Hz


According to IEC60695-2-10~13,UL746A, IEC829, DIN695, VDE0471etc.

Product Features of the Glow-wire Flammability Testing Equipment 1. The flaming chamber and control part of the integrated design, convenient installation and operation. 2. The shell of chamber and main parts made of stainless steel, which resistant smoke and withstand the rust of gas 3. SCR automatic control system to automatically adjust the current to achieve the purpose of control the precise of temperature; 4. Time and temperature display by digital, convenient for observation and records, stabilization and reliable for use.

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