Flammability Testing Equipment Needle Flame Tester

220V / AC 50Hz Flammability Testing Equipment Needle Flame Tester

Product parameters of the Needle Flame Tester
 Burner  I/D Ø0.5mm ± 0.1mm, O/D≤Φ 0.9mm, and length ≥ 35mm made of stainless steel;
 Angle of burner  Can be vertical (when adjust and measuring the flame height), and incline (when for testing)
 Burning layer  Pine board (Thickness is 10mm) with a layer of wrapping tissue (12~30 g/m2, 200±5mm) on it
 Burning gas  Butane or propane, the purity is 95%
 Flame temperature  Heating rising from 100 ± 2°C to 700 ± 3°C within 23.5±1.0s
 Flame height 12mm ± 1mm, can be adjust
 Burning time  0 ~ 999.9s can be setting and digital displayer
 Duration burning timer  1-999.9s, digital displayer and can press stay button for keeping the display)
 Burning room  ≥ 0.5m3 , with black color
 Temperature sensor  K-type thermocouple and the diameter is Φ 0.5mm, the max temperature is 1100°C
 Measurement  L1120 * W520 *H1250mm, and exhaust hole is Φ100mm
 Power supply  220V/AC, 50Hz, can be design as customer’s request.

Product information of the Needle Flame Tester

It used to determine flammability, ignition temperature and fire fatalness for products, which include lighting, low voltage electronic appliances, household appliances, electric tools and instruments. It is also applied to plastics and insulation materials, electric connectors etc.   Standards According to IEC60695-2-10~13, IEC829,  UL746A, DIN695 and VDE0471 standards. Product  Features of the Needle Flame Tester

1.Glow wire tester is in accordance with IEC60695-2-10, UL 746A, GB/T5169.10, GB4706.1

2.Thermocouple:model K,imported insulating thermal stablized sheathed thermocouple,heat resistance 1100°c

3.Glow wire temperature:500°c-960°c(presettable data display),temperature fluctuation<3°c

4.Test pressure of specimen:1.0N±0.1N

5.Max thermal depth:7mm±0.5mm(adjustable)

6.Movement velocity of specimen:10mm/s-25mm/s

7.Test time:30s+0.1s(1-999.9s data display presettable)

8.Test board capacity:0.1cubic,0.5cubic and 0.75 cubic