EN71 Push Pull Gauge for Toys Safety Testing Equipment

EN71 Push Pull Gauge for Toys Safety Testing Equipment Product introduction of the Push Pull Gauge To determine whether the components of toys can be removed by tensile force. A Force gauge is used in conjunction with a clamp to record the force applied. Any projection, part or assembly of a toy that a child can grasp with at least the thumb & forefinger or the teeth shall be subject to the tension test. Product parameters of the Push Pull Gauge Hand-held design, small size, easy to operate, and can be combined with a variety of fixtures. Digital display, convenient reading and high test accuracy. The peak hold function and continuous load indication are free to switch. Newton, kilograms, pounds force units switch. The bionic design is easy to grip. Aluminum shell. Durable and easy to read. With accessories and packing boxes. Accuracy: ±0.3% F.S Maximum peak: 50LB Product Feature and Application of the Push Pull Gauge Standards ASTM F963 CFR 16 CFR CPSC USA  EN71 Product Details of the Push Pull Gauge The push-pull gauge is a mechanical measuring instrument used for thrust and tensile testing. Push-pull force meter is suitable for electronic appliances, light industrial textiles, construction hardware, Push-pull load testing of lighters and ignition devices, fire-fighting equipment, pens, locks, fishing gear, power machinery, scientific research institutions, etc. Such as: in the cosmetics industry for the test of hair breakage; in the packaging industry to measure the strength of packaging materials such as tape, film and so on. The dynamometer is also known as the “push-pull force gauge” and, as its name suggests, can be used to measure push and tensile forces for compression and tensile testing. By using a combination of auxiliary equipment suitable for various forces and measuring objects, it can be used not only for compression and tensile tests, but also for peeling. Various forces such as degree and friction coefficient were measured. The dynamometer can be used for hand-held measurements or it can be mounted on a measuring stand as a simple test device.

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