EN71-1,BS4569 Surface Flammability Tester

EN71-1,BS4569 Flammability Fabric Surface Flammability Tester

Product information of the Surface Flammability Tester

The surface flammability Tester commonly used in the examination down or the superficial knowledge fabric's flammability, the flame spreads fast in the fabric surface, but the fabric Kieb structure is incombustible.

Product Technical parameters of the Surface Flammability Tester

 Nozzle movement speed  150 millimeters/second +/-5 millimeter/seconds (bidirectional)
 The nozzle moves the distance  More than or equal to 300 millimeter.
 May test the fabric plush altitude  0-70mm
 Flame altitude  0-60mm continuously adjustable
 Volume  600mm*400mm*370mm
 Weight  20kg
 Power  AC220V± 10% 50Hz 50W
 Meet standards  BS4569, EN71