Touch Screen Kinetic Energy Tester With Printer

EN71-1-2011 Touch Screen Kinetic Energy Tester With Printer

Product introduction of the Kinetic Energy Tester This device comes with a printer. The instrument is mainly used to test the kinetic energy of the projectile toy, so that the ejection component of the toy passes the test tube of the instrument or the two sensors of the external test component, and the time taken by the toy ejection component to pass a certain distance is measured, and the movement is calculated. energy. Inspect the safety performance of the catapult toy for infants or children. Product Technical parameters of the Kinetic Energy Tester
 Number of samples  1/time
 Screen control  Touch Screen
 Maximum timing  15.000000S
 Timing range  0.000001--15.000000S
 Speed display range  0.007M/S—10000.000M/S
 Front and rear sensing spacing  152.4mm,error0.1mm
 Minimum diameter of sample  3mm
 Test save  save data
 Volume(WxDxH)  36x35x15cm
 Weight (approx.)  ≈6kg
 Power supply  1∮ AC 220V 3A
Product details of the Kinetic Energy Tester Principle The sample is injected from the front of the test channel, and the instrument automatically captures the velocity of the object and automatically records the time difference between the front and back positions of the test. Based on the measured time value and the weight of the sample, the kinetic energy value of the sample and its hazard can be calculated.    Standard  EN71-1-2011 Special Selling point 1. Touch Screen 2. With print 3. The machine will automatically calculate the kinetic energy 4.Test save, can save data 5. Calibration function 6. Price concessions 7. Independent packaging 8. In stock, can be shipped immediately The packing details is as below : Dimension: 41cm*41cm*26cm(L×W×H) Weight:8.6kg Features With the detection capability of bullets above 0.5mm diameter, no sensitivity adjustment is required, and it is fully automated. Enter the weight of the bullet, Automatic calculation of bullet velocity, kinetic energy, number of times, average  

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