DIN 4102 Smoke Density Fire Tester

DIN 4102 Building Material Flammability Testing Equipment / Smoke Density Fire Tester

Product introduction of the Smoke Density Fire Tester

Suitable used for measuring the somke-producing characteristic of building material under controlled condition of combustion or decomposition, and also can be used for other plastics.


ASTM D 2843,DIN 4102

Product Specification of the Smoke Density Fire Tester

1. Maximum smoke density (MSD) and smoke density (SDR) for the specimen: 0-100% continuously measurable and automatically calculated; 2. With the standard optical correction error of not more than 3%; each device is equipped with three standard filters, proof of light source data, representative 3. Bunsen lamp working pressure (210 ± 5) KPa; 4. Bunsen lamp on the sample to impose a flame 4min; 5. Automatic timing, automatic ignition, automatic smoke; luminous flux can be phased linear calibration test data more acurrate; 6. Touch Screen: a. Size: 5 inch effective display size 11cm wide 6.28cm; b. Resolution: 800 * 480 c. communication interface RS232, 3.3V CMOS or TTL, serial port d. storage capacity: 1G e. Using pure hardware FPGA driver display, "zero" start time, power can run f. using M3 + FPGA architecture, M3 is responsible for instruction resolution, FPGA focus TFT display, speed and reliability are leading the same kind of program g. The main controller uses low-power processor, automatically enter the energy-saving mode 7. Gas source: 95% propane gas, or the same purity of the gas (customer-owned); 8. long * wide * high 740 * 500 * high 900 (mm)

Product parameters of the Smoke Density Fire Tester

 Burning lamp  for the students light, length 260mm, nozzle diameter 0.13mm, 45 ° angle with the smoke box;
 Photoelectric system  light source for the lamp, power 15W, operating voltage 6V;
 Exhaust system  the machine is equipped with a strong fan, after the test, the exhaust can be discharged outdoors;
 Smoke density measurement range  0 ~ 100%;
 Smoke density measurement accuracy  ± 3%;
 Receiver  for the silicon photovoltaic cells, light transmission rate of 0% for the passage of light, light transmission rate of 100% light without cover completely through;
 Main burner working pressure  276KPa (adjustable);

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