Crockmeter Electronic

Crockmeter Electronic   Product Information Electronic Crockmeter, to determine the colour fastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing. A pinned acrylic sample holder ensures rapid sample mounting and repeatability of results.this crockmeter Fitted with a pre-determined electronic counter for strokes up to 999,999 times Specification
 Rubbing head  Dia.16mm
 Vertical pressure  9N+/-10%
 Rubbing stroke  100mm
 Rubbing speed  adjustable
 Counter  LCD, 1-999,999times, automatically stops
Original Accessories
 AATCC rubbing clothing  10 pcs
 Sand paper  2 (pcs)
 Rings  2 (Pcs)
 Dimension  950×340×390mm(L×W×H)
 Power  1HP, AC220V, 50HZ, 60W
 Weight  22KG
Testing Standards GB/T3920-2008,GB/T420,GB/T5712

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