ASTM F 963 4.21 Alu.alloy Pacifier Test Fixture

ASTM F 963 4.21 Alu.alloy Pacifier Test Fixture/Toys Safety Testing Equipment Product introduction of the Pacifier Test Fixture To determine whether the pacifiers for infants present choking or suffocating hazards. A pacifier is placed centrally in the opening of test fixture. The nipple is subjected to a tensile force of 2 lbs and held for 10 seconds. If the shield is pulled through the fixture, the pacifier has failed. Product parameters of the Pacifier Test Fixture Material: Aluminum alloy; Specification: 102*76*8.5mm; Weight: 120g. Testing Standards 16 CFR 1510; ASTM F 963 4.21; EN71 Product Feature and Application of the Pacifier Test Fixture Pacifier tester operating requirements: (1) Protection bracket requirement: Put the pacifier into the center of the opening of the nipple tester and pass the bottom of the device as shown below. Since the pacifier does not have a circular protective bracket, the direction of the main shaft of the protective bracket must be adjusted to the direction of the main axis of the test device opening. Apply tension to the teat in the direction indicated. The pulling force should be applied slowly but not more than 2.0 pounds (8.9 Newtons) per 5 seconds, and maintain a force of 2.0 pounds for 10 seconds. Any pacifier that can be completely pulled out of the opening will be considered unacceptable. (2) Prominent requirements: Any protrusion from the protective bracket should not exceed 0.63 inches (16 mm). Record: (1) mark the non-conforming product; (2) record the inspection result in detail on the report. Product Details of the Pacifier Test Fixture Pacifier tester definition: (a) pacifier: refers to a product containing a teat for sucking by a baby, but not for feeding the baby, usually consisting of a protective stand and a handle. (b) Protective stent: The protective stent refers to a protective structure under the teat to prevent the child from inhaling the entire teat during the sucking process. (c) Handle: The handle or handle refers to the portion of the hand that is attached to the pacifier holder for grasping. The handle is usually parallel to the plane of the guard frame and can be rotated with the shaft.

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