Air Permeability Tester

Air Permeability Tester


It is used to quickly measure the permeability of various sheet materials such as coated fabrics, filter paper, filter materials, plastics, etc.

The instrument is used for the air permeability test of special industrial fabrics, general fabrics, knit goods, non-woven fabrics, and industrial filter paper etc. The instrument performance is compliant with the GB/T545397 Fabric Permeability determination and other requirements of national standards for test instruments.

With digit display, digital test parameter setting and a highly accurate sensor adopted instead of traditional water column pressure difference test method, and with a microcomputer for test data computation in stead of manual conversion, the instrument is easy in operation and has a high accuracy and efficiency.

Compliance with standards

GB / T5453 GB / T13764 ISO9237 ISO7231 ISO5636 BS5636 ASTM D737 DIN 53887 JIS L1096 BS5636

Performance characteristics
● High-precision pressure sensor imported from Switzerland, leading the accuracy in China.
● Intelligent and smart touch interface, dynamic test full display.
● Full range automatic detection and conversion of various samples' air permeability and air permeability.
● The standard parameters and units of different countries can be arbitrarily set, and the test results can be printed out without conversion.
● Measurement unit: mm / s, cfm, cm3 / cm2 / s, I / m2 / s, I / dm2 / min, m3 / m2 / min
● Obtained the computer permeability test software certificate of the State Intellectual Property Office.
● Obtained international third-party accredited laboratory measurement calibration certificate.

Technical Parameters
1. Pressure range: 0 ~ 4000Pa self-set pressure drop
2. Measurable air permeability: 0.1 ~ 12000mm / s
3. Measurement error: ≤ ± 2%
4. Measurable fabric thickness: ≤15mm
5. Air intake adjustment: data feedback dynamic adjustment
6. Sample area setting circle: 5cm2; 20cm2; 50cm2; 100cm2; four
7. Sample diameter setting circle: Ф50mm (≈19.6cm2) Ф70mm (≈38.5cm2)

8. Nozzle: 10 pieces in total
9. Data processing capacity: ≤1000 trials
10. Data output: high-definition touch screen display; comes with a micro printer;
11. Power source: AC 220V ± 10V 50Hz
12. Power consumption: 2000W
13. Weight: 80Kg
14. Dimension: 600 × 700 × 1100mm (L × W × H)

15 .Nozzle: 10 Pieces

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