EN71 Impact Tester

Toys Testing Equipment EN71 -1 Stainless Steel 1kg Toys Safety Impact Tester with Bearing Product introduction of the EN71 Impact Tester To simulate the mechanical damage through an impact action likely to be performed by a child. Assessment of sharp edges, sharp points and small parts may be carried out after impact.With metric imperial unit height dictate rule. Product parameters of the EN71 Impact Tester
Dimension  300(l) x300(w) x16(h) mm
 Adjust height  0-200mm
 Impact hammer diameter  80.00mm
 Impact hammer weight  1Kg
 Material  steel, surface chrome plating
Product Feature and Application of the EN71 Impact Tester 1.Inline height scale with horizontal scale window. 2. After the crossbar is set, it is locked by the set screw. 3. The touch button activates the impact. 4. With a male / English double height scale. 5. The impact hammer has a buckle locking function at the highest position. 6. Made of stainless steel, chrome-plated as a whole, no rust. Testing Standards EN 71-1998 8.7 EN1400,ISO8124 Product Details of the EN71 Impact Tester Method of use and judgment result 1. Place the toy at the weakest position on the surface of a horizontal steel plate; 2. The metal block with a mass of 1±0.02kg and a diameter of 80±2mm is freely dropped from the height of 100±2mm onto the toy; 3. Repeat again. 4. Judgment: Punctuation, sharp edges, small objects or bursts are considered unqualified after the test. Special (Selling point) 1. Bearings, can make the test smoother, reduce friction and test results more accurately. 2. Round bar, made of stainless steel. 3. Price concessions 4. Independent carton packaging. 5. Stock The packing details is as below : Dimension: 53cm*32cm*17cm(L×W×H) Weight:9.74kg Note: Please note that the freight cost is based on door to door service by UPS.